Have you been following our activities and been wondering who are these radical bbs, and how can I be one of them?

We have several upcoming projects to realize and partnerships to sustain. Such work can only be accomplished with dedicated members who are eager to be a part of our community. 

Members are welcome to assign themselves to any of our projects, but no one is fixed to a specific role because we like to remain as flexible as possible as a collective and as individuals. We believe every person has a wide set of skills that can be contributed in different ways at different times. Additionally, we want to honor the human nature of having ever-shifting interests and capacity.

As most of our work is done remotely, you can join us from any part of the world. We may take a while to get back to you because we are not seeking to grow at an exponential pace, but rather include every person with sincerity and thoughtfulness.

If you have read our MANIFESTO, and think you might want to join us, get in touch with us at! Please let us know anything you would like to share about yourself, but please do not send your resume.